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280KW-1180KW Diesel Engine



Our engine has high economical use, easy maintenance, good environmental adaptability (reliable operation above 4000m altitude), good environmental adaptability (good cold start performance in low temperature environment, reliable operation above 4000m altitude, good plateau capability).

Our advantages

1.    G series engines have the characteristics of safety and reliability, strong power, stable operation/good economy.

2.    Power range 280KW-1180KW

3.    Widely used in generator sets, industrial pumps and other fields.

Technical Parameters

Engine mode

G series engines

Engine type

Inline,water-cooled,four stroke,direct injection,four valve

Ar inlet mode

Pressurization/alr-to-air intercooling

Calibration powe


Maximum power


Number of cylinders




Replaceable wetcylinder liner

Speed regulation mode

Electronic speed contro

Start mode

Electrical starting

Crankshaft rotation directio

Anti Clockwlse/Facing the flywhee

Fuel grade(GB 252

General environment O light diese

Southern Region

0 Light diese

Northern cold area

-No.35 orlower pour point light diesel oi

Engine oil (GB 11122)

CF15W/40(ambient temperature-5C

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Specializing in methanol, natural gas, diesel engines and generator sets, pump sets, mobile lighthouses, power vehicles, methanol clean energy distributed power station and its parts sales, service as one of the enterprises.

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