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Kangwo Holding
Shandong Kangwo Holding Co., Ltd. was founded in 2019, with a registered capital of 390 million yuan, state-owned participation in the medium and large ship electric and new energy power equipment research and development and manufacturing of national high -tech enterprises.


Shandong Kangwo Holding Co., Ltd. is a high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise in China specializing in the research and development, manufacturing and sales and service of diesel, natural gas and methanol engines, parts and components, as well as generator sets, water pump sets and methanol range extenders.

Product Features

At present, the existing and under development product line covers the whole power range of 1~5000kW, and the whole line of products can reach the emission standards of Euro V and Euro VI. Especially in the aspects of high power, high torque, low energy consumption, low emission and high energy efficiency, the quality of the products is comparable to Europe and the United States, and replaces the imported ones.

Innovative R&D

With medium and large ship electric power and new energy power as the core, and digital cloud system as the driving force of innovation, Kangwo Holding has comprehensively built a dual-engine model of "technological innovation + platform synergistic development". The products have won a number of national patents, and the technological content has reached the domestic leading and international advanced level.
Founded in 1946. Weichai has over 100.000 emoloyees worldwide with the annual revenue of over 300 bilion RMB in 2021, Weicharanks 77th among China' s top 500 enterprises, 23th among China' s top 500 manufacturing enterprises, and 1st among China' smachinery industry top 100 enterprises. Weichai is a mult-field and multi-industry international group which owns powertrain, vehicle, construction machinery, intelligent logis-tics, agricultural machinery,marine transportation equipment and other business segments.
 The subsicdiaries of Weichai Group spreadall over Europe, North America, Asia, and other regions, and its products are exported to more than 110 countries and regions.

 Weichai gen-sets manufacturing unit is located in Weicha industrial park, it is spread over an area of 25200m’, Unit is havingadvanced product technology, research and testing facilities. We produce 50,000 units of all types of gen-sets annually with the powerange of 10-3000kW.Weichai uses high-quality Weichai engines and alternators or any other international brands for generator sets.

 Weichai gen-sets got the IS09001 quality management system certification,National lnternal Combustion Engine Gen-sets QualitySupervision and inspection Center certfication, CE certification and TLC certification ipower range cover of 10-3000kW) for communi-cations industry (telecom,mobile.Unicom. tower).

 Weichai gen-sets are widely used in the fields of communications, petroleum, medical treatment, plateau, raiway, field rescue, animalhusbandry, data center, mine emergency life-saving power supply and so on. With advanced technology and innovation consciousness.rigorous management system and eficient service network,Weichai gen-sets providing users highly safe, efficient and complete power solutions.
Specializing in methanol, natural gas, diesel engines and generator sets, pump sets, mobile lighthouses, power vehicles, methanol clean energy distributed power station and its parts sales, service as one of the enterprises.

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