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We adhere to the customer firstservice principle. Our success is based on customer success.

YOS Custom Products

We provide customers with suitable products according to user needs, until the customer is satisfied.
Diesel, Gasoline, Methanol, Natural gas
Open or Closed
Diesel engine
Use environment
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After-sales Service

Where is the product, where is the service!
 The market service center is responsible for the pre-sale, sale and after-sales service of engine products, and always takes customer satisfaction as the goal, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality and efficient service with mature products and perfect service network.

 After years of continuous optimization and adjustment, the market service center has not only trained a group of technical elites, equipped with more than 30 three-guarantee service vehicles, but also created a service network consisting of 8 service regions, 20 regional spare parts centers, more than 300 core social service stations, and more than 400 sales service providers.
 At any time to provide effective, professional, fast technical, spare parts and service support, to the greatest extent to meet the diversified service needs of customers.
Our company to provide customers with relevant product manuals, if necessary, our company can provide customers with video guidance, the first time to solve the problems encountered by customers.
Specializing in methanol, natural gas, diesel engines and generator sets, pump sets, mobile lighthouses, power vehicles, methanol clean energy distributed power station and its parts sales, service as one of the enterprises.

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