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  • Q Test method for generator sets before use

    In life, when we go to buy something, we have to try it first, and then we will choose to buy it after the trial. But for the diesel generator set this first pay money after the arrival of how to try how to do? Here Xiaobian tells you not to be afraid, as long as we carefully test before use, can be put into use. The following Xiaobian will introduce the detection method of Weichai generator set before use.
    Step 1: It is necessary to check whether the external wire connection parts of the generator set are broken, misconnected, short circuit phenomenon, and measure the battery voltage at B+ point with a voltmeter.
    Step 2: the key door to the "open" position, but do not start the diesel engine, at this time need to use a voltmeter to measure D+ point voltage, and observe whether the charging indicator light is bright.
    Step 3: Turn on the starting engine and measure the diesel engine B+ point voltage with a voltmeter, which should reach the following values.
    Step 4: Turn on a partial load, such as headlights, or connect one of the small machines.
    Step 5: Turn on the main electrical appliance supplied by the generator.
    When the operation is carried out to the third step, the generator has no voltage output, it can be checked in the following ways, for the generator with D+ point of excitation can lead a 2.5mm2 wire from the positive electrode of the battery, after starting the engine, click D+ point with the other end instantaneously (within 1S), and then use the voltmeter to measure whether there is voltage output at B+ point. From the third step to the fifth step, while judging that the vehicle charging indicator line has a break phenomenon (generally the indicator is damaged, the instrument panel rod connector is loose, the line is broken), if there is no voltage output, the generator does not generate fault.
  • Q Which aspects are included in the maintenance and use of diesel generator sets

    Diesel generator set in each use unit is generally used in the emergency when the mains power outage, the daily maintenance of diesel generator set is directly related to whether it can play an emergency role at a critical moment, so the user should do a good job of daily maintenance work, so that the diesel generator set is always in a good standby state, extend the service life.
    (1) When the diesel generator set is in the standby state, the voltage of the starting battery, the height of the liquid level, the specific gravity of the electrolyte and the circumstances of the battery pile should be frequently checked, and the starting battery should be charged in time when the starting battery is found to be low. Strictly follow the charge when charging. Charging should be carried out in strict accordance with the battery manufacturer's instructions to prevent damage to the starting battery.
    When it is found that the electrolyte level is lower than the standard, it should be supplemented in time, and only distilled water or battery supplement liquid can be added when supplementing, and dilute sulfuric acid can not be added, otherwise the proportion of the electrolyte will be higher and higher, causing damage to the battery.
    The generator set with a computer control screen, and the unit using an automatic charger, should always keep the charger on, so as to avoid the long-term use of electricity caused by the computer control screen battery loss. Without a computer control screen and using a manual charger, in the case of no fault in the start battery, the start battery should be charged every half a month.
    (2) The standby diesel generator set should be no-load test machine every half a month, but when the no-load test machine is used, the actual time is not easy to exceed 15min each time, and it is not appropriate for the actual time to be too long, so as not to cause carbon deposition inside the engine and black oil flow in the exhaust pipe because of the low engine temperature.
  • Q The working principle of the generator set

    Diesel generator set is a kind of small power generation equipment, with diesel fuel and diesel engine as the prime mover to drive the generator power machinery. Below, let's take a look at the working principle of Weifang diesel generator:
    In the diesel engine cylinder, the clean air filtered by the air filter is fully mixed with the high-pressure atomized diesel jet from the fuel nozzle, and the volume is reduced under the upward extrusion of the piston, and the temperature is rapidly increased to reach the burning point of the diesel. Diesel is ignited, the mixture of gases burns violently, the volume expands rapidly, and the piston is pushed down, which is called "work". Each cylinder does work in sequence, and the thrust acting on the piston becomes the force driving the crankshaft through the connecting rod, thus driving the crankshaft to rotate.
    The brushless synchronous alternator and the diesel engine crankshaft are installed coaxial, you can use the rotation of the diesel engine to drive the rotor of the generator, using the principle of "electromagnetic induction", the generator will output induced electromotive force, and the closed load loop can produce current.
    Only the basic working principle of the generator set is described here. A range of diesel and generator controls, protection devices and circuits are also required for usable, stable power output.
  • Q What needs to be done before the generator set is started

    The preparation work before the start of the new diesel generator set should be done enough to make the generator set enter the work in a good state, so that the diesel generator set can play the power!
    So, what should be done before starting the diesel generator set? The crew will answer those questions about the work that needs to be done before the diesel generator set starts...
    To check whether the oil level of the oil pan is suitable, check the amount of oil stored in the fuel tank. Secondly, to open the fuel tank switch, so that diesel oil flow to the fuel injection pump. Exhaust the air in the fuel system and cooling system, at the same time, add lubricating oil to the injection pump and supercharger. Check that the battery is fully charged, connect the battery to the circuit, and check that the circuit is energized.
  • Q Easy to ignore problems in diesel engine maintenance

    First, only replace the plunger and oil nozzle, ignoring the technical status of the oil valve. After the oil outlet valve is worn, the remaining pressure of the high-pressure oil pipe will be too high, resulting in the oil injection nozzle not simply and dripping oil, resulting in diesel exhaust smoke, cylinder knocking, and unstable operation. The method is to check the oil valve, with a measuring range of 0-600 kg/cm2 pressure gauge detection, the dial from 200 kg to 180 kg/cm2, the pressure holding time should be greater than 15 seconds, otherwise the oil valve should be replaced; Or the high pressure oil pipe mouth up, pump out diesel, so that the oil level and pipe mouth level, put the throttle back to the stop position, turn the wheel half a circle, the high pressure oil pipe mouth diesel non-suction is qualified, otherwise the oil valve should be replaced.

    Second, only adjust the valve clearance, ignoring the valve timing. Most people only adjust the valve clearance according to the value specified in the manual, but ignore to check whether the valve phase is on time. Especially for the aging machine, due to the change of geometry after CAM wear, the valve opens late and closes early, which will lead to insufficient intake, unclean exhaust, increased fuel consumption and decreased power. Therefore, when adjusting the valve clearance of aged diesel engines, the valve clearance value should be reduced appropriately to compensate for the valve phase error. For example, the S195 diesel engine, the valve clearance is reduced by 0.1 mm, and the valve phase is changed by 3 degrees. However, the valve gap should not be less than 0.2 mm, otherwise it will be affected by expansion, which will cause the valve to close loosely. If the valve clearance is 0.2 mm, and the valve phase error is still more than 5 degrees, and the diesel engine working condition is significantly worse, the camshaft should be replaced.

    Third, only look at the amount of oil in the oil pan, ignoring the quality of oil. Many people only supplement the engine oil, never check the quality of the oil, nor replace it. As everyone knows, the waste oil that should be replaced contains a large number of oxidizing substances and metal chips, which reduces the lubrication performance, aggravates the wear of the parts, and shortens its service life, so the oil quality in the machine should be checked at any time. The general method is to use the hand twist oil, if you feel mechanical impurities or viscosity is not enough, it should be replaced in time. Another way to check is to drop the used oil on the white paper, such as small black spots and light color.

    Fourth, only know the maintenance of the air filter, ignoring the air short circuit. There are many reasons for air short circuit, such as the air filter fixed on the tricycle frame, the intake pipe is not welded properly, the intake pipe is not sealed gasket at the joint, the intake pipe is inserted into the hose loosely without clamping, the intake hose is broken undetected, and the air filter lacks rubber rings, which will cause air short circuit. Make the unfiltered air into the cylinder, aggravate the wear of the cylinder, piston, piston ring, valve and other parts.

    Five, only clean the oil filter, ignoring the cleaning of the oil chamber. Most of the connecting rod journal of diesel engine is hollow, with oil plug at both ends, which is called purification chamber. Under the action of centrifugal force, the impurities of the oil lubricating the connecting rod bearing shell are attached to the cavity wall, thus improving the lubrication quality. General diesel engine every 500 hours to remove the oil plug.
  • Q Protection measures for finished parts of generator set

    After the installation of diesel generator set accessories, we need to take finished product protection measures. The details are:
    (1) The door of the equipment room should be locked. No installation personnel can enter the room without permission.
    (2) Special personnel should be on duty during the commissioning period of the unit.
    (3) Keep the room clean and well-ventilated, keep the indoor temperature at 10 ~ 30℃, and prohibit the use of fire and smoking.
    (4)If it is necessary to construct in the generator room, take protection and dust prevention measures to avoid collision damage to the Weifang diesel generator set and accessories.
    Because there are some wearing parts on the generator set accessories, we need to take finished product protection measures during the installation process and after the installation is completed to protect the integrity of the unit and its accessories.
  • Q How to solve the problem of diesel cylinder liner wear

    The cylinder liner wear of diesel engine can be divided into three conditions, namely abrasive wear, melting wear and corrosion wear. Therefore, to solve this problem, we should also start from these three points.
    (1) abrasive wear is mainly due to unclean intake air; Not clean during assembly; Poor combustion causes carbon accumulation.
    (2) melting wear is mainly caused by high temperature or poor lubrication of the cylinder wall and piston ring.
    (3) Corrosion wear is mainly the fuel containing sulfur content, as well as combustion products, the formation of acid corrosion on the cylinder wall, separated particles, and become abrasive wear, so corrosion wear is harmful.
    After understanding the reasons for the wear of the cylinder liner of the diesel engine, we can solve the problem according to the above content and combined with the current situation of the actual machine
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