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An Online Store Warehouse Waterproof Project of Pingdingshan Henan Province

A 200 cubic meter mobile self-priming pump of Kangwo Holding passed the test and was sent to Pingdingshan, Henan Province, to prevent the loss of the warehouse caused by the rainstorm. This Kangwo mobile self-priming pump adopts high torque drive pump, which is suitable for water supply and drainage of miners, factories and cities. It is used to transport clean water without solid particles or liquid with physical and chemical properties similar to clean water, which is very suitable for water drainage. In order to extend the service time, Kangwo Holdings uses a ring tank to make the machine oil reserve more sufficient, can work continuously for 8 hours without refueling, improve the use efficiency; The pump is equipped with high-speed tires,  which can be towed to the place where the vehicle can reach for pumping and waterlogging prevention, and the mobile turntable is installed at the bottom to reduce the turning radius and reduce the risk of the machine movement and transportation process.


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